Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Real Housenuts of Atlanta Finale Breakdown

Well, I'd originally given up on these chics earlier in the season, because I saw the ridiculous turn that this "Real Housewives" edition was gonna take, and I didn't like it...but after being caught up one weekend, I became fascinated with just how far these chicks would go for their 5 minutes (my theory is 15 for acting, 5 for reality acting).


Breaks down Kim at the last supper, thrown by all-around good-girl Lisa, whom I talked briefly about last week on my blog. Seems her drunken rant regarding Kim's career was not all untrue, as Dallas Austin happens to be one of MY facebook friends...and his last comment on his Facebook page was "wow! Someone is really fucking with my profile! They obviously don't want it out that I AM NOT REALLY WORKING WITH KIM "THE HOUSEWIFE" of ATL!!"


This "29" year-old mom is no longer dating her "Big Poppa" who according to one of my favorite blogs, RHYMES WITH SNITCH, that his name is Lee Najjar and he was not quite divorced from his current wife...I smell Stripper with this one...just don't care for her at all...especially her comfort in saying things like "I'm not going to the barbeque so I can see NeNe and just eat chicken...ha!" I know you have kids, so I am trying to be as nice as possible, but you really need to get it together. Your 7-year old has more clothes than all the West African kids who live in my building (counted 15 of them as of February '08).

Seems to bask in the glory of instigating, or maybe she's really sweet at heart. Her marriage to Eric Snow makes me throw up a little in my mouth...but that's OK. Her disaster, I mean fund raiser event for her foundation went on my top list of "When Events Go Wrong" has nothing to do with the fact that you clearly know nothing about fund raising, but the overall idea was just undone...hopefully the next one she plans she will read a book or something, cause she will have better luck with a book than with some of those "wannabe" event planners and such who were "helping" her...right.


This chick gets under my skin, mainly because she's just so...boring. Besides the fact that she has nothing to talk about besides her 7-figure settlement she's working on, her obsession with only her looks and clothes just fucking 7th grade to you have something else to talk about besides what someone is wearing? And her fashion line attempt? Another disaster...when you are getting your samples dropped off the DAY BEFORE your "viewing" (still trying to figure out what that is, exactly) but you didn't buy the fabric, you don't sew...need I go on here?


I don't have too much to say about her, because I think she's the best out of all of them...should have been 5 of her on this show...she's passionate about life, and a good representation of what it truly means to bounce back, because anyone who was married to Keith Sweat automatically bounced back from something.

The Last Supper

The kids were invited, but I am not too sure why, because I had a feeling the conversation would get heated. Low and behold, Lisa opens the floor for dialog. I think Sheree started with something insignificant (usual fanfare), Nene chimed in on her years of "knowing" people, etc...then Kim follows, but ends by saying it's been a shame how things have happened...Nene interjects, and thus, we are shown that Kim never called Nene to ask her about what she said and the context...allowing others to overwhelm the situation...and Gregg, her husband, who looks like he has on Sears finest, chimes in with words that they should all heed to regarding friendships...freaking high schoolers on Gossip Girl handle things with more tact than these womenkids.

And now, onto the Finale! See my next post...coming up soon!

~PG ;)

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Gangstarr Girl said...

Ha ha. Thanks for this recap, I fell off on the last couple of episodes. Those women were really pretentious and childish. I couldn't deal.