Friday, December 26, 2008

Almost a month ago...

Hey candies,

So almost a month ago, I wrote here...and I didn't look back...literally. This blogging thing had gotten the better of me...and then the day after my birthday, I woke up and all I could think about was Black Daria. I talked to my friend about it, and then I began to read her some of the posts from this blog, to give her an idea of my writing style.

That's when I saw two comments here! (I get happy over things like this). I felt slightly guilty for abandoning my post, feeling that maybe this wasn't my thing, even though I hadn't given it a fair when I started Black Daria, in a sense I was starting over...but then I thought, how can I turn my back on this? Even if I only have 32 posts the whole year, should I just walk away from PG and move forward with Black Daria?

And then I thought of the missions of both blogs...while both tap into my humorous side, Black Daria allows me a sense of creativity, while Priceless CandyGirl brings me back to the roots of where this whole thing began.

And so, until I really figure things out, I will probably post "real-talk" here, while immersing myself in Black Daria on the other side of the web (hmmmm, are there sides of the web?)

That said, I'd like to take a moment of silence for Eartha Kitt.

I remember when I was in high school, I started taking a great liking to black dancers, and was fueling my thirst at Alvin Ailey after school on a partial scholarship. I decided to go to the library one day, and I found an awesome book of black performers, people like
Carmen de Lavallade, Geoffrey Holder and Lena Horne. I remember getting to Eartha Kitt's page thinking to myself, "One day..."

I loved her elegance, grace...her ability to be a chameleon in a world that often made people walk through kitchens before performances...her presence was felt, and I never met the woman.

RIP Eartha were and ALWAYS WILL BE the standard for black performers. Rest in peace.

Photo: Carl Van Vechten, 1952

~PG/NP ;)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Real Housenuts of Atlanta Finale Breakdown

Well, I'd originally given up on these chics earlier in the season, because I saw the ridiculous turn that this "Real Housewives" edition was gonna take, and I didn't like it...but after being caught up one weekend, I became fascinated with just how far these chicks would go for their 5 minutes (my theory is 15 for acting, 5 for reality acting).


Breaks down Kim at the last supper, thrown by all-around good-girl Lisa, whom I talked briefly about last week on my blog. Seems her drunken rant regarding Kim's career was not all untrue, as Dallas Austin happens to be one of MY facebook friends...and his last comment on his Facebook page was "wow! Someone is really fucking with my profile! They obviously don't want it out that I AM NOT REALLY WORKING WITH KIM "THE HOUSEWIFE" of ATL!!"


This "29" year-old mom is no longer dating her "Big Poppa" who according to one of my favorite blogs, RHYMES WITH SNITCH, that his name is Lee Najjar and he was not quite divorced from his current wife...I smell Stripper with this one...just don't care for her at all...especially her comfort in saying things like "I'm not going to the barbeque so I can see NeNe and just eat chicken...ha!" I know you have kids, so I am trying to be as nice as possible, but you really need to get it together. Your 7-year old has more clothes than all the West African kids who live in my building (counted 15 of them as of February '08).

Seems to bask in the glory of instigating, or maybe she's really sweet at heart. Her marriage to Eric Snow makes me throw up a little in my mouth...but that's OK. Her disaster, I mean fund raiser event for her foundation went on my top list of "When Events Go Wrong" has nothing to do with the fact that you clearly know nothing about fund raising, but the overall idea was just undone...hopefully the next one she plans she will read a book or something, cause she will have better luck with a book than with some of those "wannabe" event planners and such who were "helping" her...right.


This chick gets under my skin, mainly because she's just so...boring. Besides the fact that she has nothing to talk about besides her 7-figure settlement she's working on, her obsession with only her looks and clothes just fucking 7th grade to you have something else to talk about besides what someone is wearing? And her fashion line attempt? Another disaster...when you are getting your samples dropped off the DAY BEFORE your "viewing" (still trying to figure out what that is, exactly) but you didn't buy the fabric, you don't sew...need I go on here?


I don't have too much to say about her, because I think she's the best out of all of them...should have been 5 of her on this show...she's passionate about life, and a good representation of what it truly means to bounce back, because anyone who was married to Keith Sweat automatically bounced back from something.

The Last Supper

The kids were invited, but I am not too sure why, because I had a feeling the conversation would get heated. Low and behold, Lisa opens the floor for dialog. I think Sheree started with something insignificant (usual fanfare), Nene chimed in on her years of "knowing" people, etc...then Kim follows, but ends by saying it's been a shame how things have happened...Nene interjects, and thus, we are shown that Kim never called Nene to ask her about what she said and the context...allowing others to overwhelm the situation...and Gregg, her husband, who looks like he has on Sears finest, chimes in with words that they should all heed to regarding friendships...freaking high schoolers on Gossip Girl handle things with more tact than these womenkids.

And now, onto the Finale! See my next post...coming up soon!

~PG ;)

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lindsay thinks we are still "Colored", $3.00 for the train (NO), and other things you may have missed in the last day or two...

Where do I begin? Sorry about yesterday, I got a little caught up, and I didn't really have too much to say, but I have a story to tell about what I'd like to call the Obama effect...

I went to my usual
Starbucks on 45th Street and later during a trip to the cafeteria, realized I didn't have the card. My initial thought was I left it in a coat I'd had on earlier that morning to pick up my dry cleaning, but I realized that I hadn't after I cursed out the dude at the cleaners (he should not have said he had the card; of course I didn't realize that until I called my friends at Starbucks). Apparently a good samaritan found the card outside of the store and brought it in to them!

Viva la Obama Effect! Now, onto the hot topics:


You know, I am fully aware of the state of this economy,
but this is a bit can one propose a full dollar hike after only one year? Again, things are bad, but seriously, as one of my facebook buddies said, I will walk EVERYWHERE when I can to avoid paying extra money for the wrongs of the NYC MTA officials...this is insane and I hope the Straphanger folks are going to get all up in the MTA's ass for this one.


Occasionally when I am with my mom, she ALWAYS hits me on my arm when she sees a young man like the one
in this story who is getting arrested because they thought that they were robbing a grandpa, but dude ended up turning out to be Mr. Miyagi. You can indulge yourself here...get a freaking belt!


No joking matter, but


Can someone get her a teacher on the road please? I believe we've been referring to ourselves as African-Americans for about 30 years now...get it together. Read more


I feel like they have been on the December cover for 3 years straight already...they are about to be up there with Mo'Nique, who's been on their cover for 8 years (sorry I love Essence, minus the fact that size 8 and below no longer exists to their readers, at least they don't seem to think so...)

Anyways, I think the interview is cool, because you learn alot about how they've made their relationship work after 11 blissful years of marriage. I know, I know...I hear all your rumors starting, but still a lot to learn from this one. However, you'll have to pick up the December issue to check it out...but there are some cool things to view on, like the interview with Celebrity Harstylist, Ursula Stephens. Scroll down to the Essence TV portion of the site.


True Jackson had 4.8 million viewers last weekend in its debut spot (via the Daily News)...make sure you catch it on Saturdays a@ 8:30 PM...I know you are too old, but no you are not! :)


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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obamas in the New House, DHL will affect your holiday online shopping...and other things you should know...

New day...stories are coming in slow, so bear with me:


The Obamas met with the Bushes to see what their new digs look like, as well as talk about how many policies Obama will overturn once Bush moseys his arse can read about that


So, he's basically now wants America to know that sometimes he said things that were...just stupid.Sorry I couldn't find a better word. He also talks about his future plans for life after the White House (countdown, baby) and other just tear-jerking sentiments...check it out at


Only because you may need to think about those cyber purchases's also a blow to an already dilapaded more here.


However, I learned a new fact: Lisa, the housewife married to NFL Player Ed Hartwell (quoted as former but still playing on the show, at least to the episode I am up to) was married to Keith Sweat. Now, following mom's rules to always try to say something nice or nothing at all, I say "Gee, she turned out just fine." Read more about that here.


Remember Lou Pearlman? He's the dude that I would like to credit as the first to initiate the whole "Boy Band" reality show effect via ABC in early 2000...then he got into a couple of messes, and ended up in the slammer, where he sits currently. Well, apparently, you can run a business from jail (I know, you probably didn't know that, and I happen to know some ppl who do). His business? Boy bands! Read about that here.


Jaden Smith! Yep, that's right...Will is getting them immersed early! Read about that


I thought long and hard about this one, because it isn't easy picking ONE song out of a million...but I thought to myself that like this blog, I must return to my roots. This song is poinant in my journey...enjoy!

*I've edited this post because it's important to be fair and never know how the tables can turn...I will leave it at that.


~PG(I know, but I really like Gossip Girl, so yes, I bit that)

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Monday, November 10, 2008

"Be the Change"

I haven't written on this blog in over a year, but with the dawn of Obama, how can I not write anything?

Without going into to much of "my story" because I want to keep your attention span, I will say that I always felt bad when I couldn't get to my blog everyday, and that soon turned into feeling "inadequate" in the blog world, aspiring the fame some other blogs seemed to have gained with lots of effort and hard work, and certainly not phenoms overnight.

And neither is Obama. This man
slept in an alleyway his first night in NYC as a Columbia student. Some phenoms don't happen overnight...they take time to blossom.

The alleyway Obama slept in on 109th Street, Harlem... (Source: NY Daily News)

With that, the rebirth of the Priceless Candygirl view begins...again! It never really ended, I've just had enough time to observe the landscape further and figure out my place in this blog world. My intent is to ensure that with determination, I'll reach the goal of daily blogging...and make it "whatever I like!"


According to Nielsen ratings, over
71.4 million people watched the results, compared to 59.2 million in 2004 when Bush and Florida robbed Gore for the win. Yes, I said robbed...

What will the Obama dollar look like? And what's the dog's name going to be? Since Obama is Renegade, Michelle is Renaissance, and Sasha and Malia are both Rosebud and Radiance...will the dog be...Redemer? All we know is one of the little ladies is allergic, so it will likely be a terrier, or a dog that has long hair that doesn't shed.

And how cute is it that Barack and Michelle went on a date this Saturday? I heart them...don't nobody talk bad about the OBAMAS.


I need to take a minute to talk about the mess that was last's week's Russell Simmons' HSAN "I AM C.H.A.N.G.E." event. I am not sure if by writing this, it will get me banned in the future, but oh well...after three different e-mails with a final confirmation, I got to the red carpet with a person who's name will not be mentioned, to madness.

Thank goodness L. Londell McMillian (he just bought The Source if you haven't heard) was there...but there was another publicist whose name will also go unmentioned (Starts with a B and ends with a C, if you know what I mean) who also said "this is madness, people keep calling my name to get them in and I can't help them..."

To test his theory, I said his name, and sure enough...he ignored me! Nonetheless, we made it across the red carpet just in time, as I heard Russell's handlers talk about he was on his way, so make sure things were ready...

And ready, they were not...who picks Home for any type of fundraising or community organization to do an event? Then the tables were in the fishbowl view, so Spike's wife (oh Lee, sorry, can't act like you know people, they get their feelings hurt) felt it necessary to let us all know that was her husband, even though I just wanted to introduce the person whom I was "media escorting" for the night...along with his new "publicist" who didn't know about this event, but whom I was also responsible for getting into the times.

I'd also like to state that this event also let me know how done I am with this fake's a newsflash:

-start of newsflash-

You are humble, approachable, and stop acting like you are Obama, please :)

-end of newsflash-

If you want to see pictures, check the other blogs. I don't feel like wasting time looking for the pictures for the mess that event was...I know it wasn't anyone's fault in particular, but is it ever?


So I came up with an idea to donate my time after an eager DJ approached me wanting to do an event in NYC...of course, like many DJs he wanted to be paid, but a friend approached me with a great opportunity to do future "paid" events if we were to pull this one off first for free. So the Obama Cheesesteak jump-off sounded cool!

By the end of the week, this lamer decided that by Saturday, he'd call to cancel...because he got a paid event...I was confused because initially none of us were looking to get paid, and we all knew the payoff...but instead, some of us just come up with loser tatics, like cancelling at the last minute.

So after I deleted his number, I hit Bazooka Joe, who was down for the cause. We had a fun night, but unfortunately, I can't say too much more because I refuse to give the artist, who the event was engaged around, any shine, as he came 40 minutes before the event ended...I love the old school rappers who thinks everyone is waiting for them...yeah, you too.


Well, of course I have to represent Nickelodeon...did you guys watch True Jackson this weekend? I know, you may be too old, but she's a cute 15-year old who gets a job as a VP of Youth Apparel after being "discovered" selling sandwiches in the hallway of Mad Style (her new place of employment). The
critics are buzzing, and I feel like this is so huge for an African-American female watch! It comes on Saturdays @ 8:30 PM, and the repeat will be on today at 8:30 PM as well.

That's all for now...toodles! Oh, why I named today's blog "Be the Change" is because someone gave me a notebook last Christmas, and I looked at it recently, thinking about Barack...this post became my first entry...

~PG ;)

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Did you wear black today?

Hey all-

What a day! It's been peace walking around and seeing my fellow brothers and sisters in black and knowing why :) I honestly became emotional at one point.

What am I talking about? The Jena 6...please look this up if you haven't already, because the media has been extremely scarce in their reporting of this insane incident.

In celebration of just hearing on Wendy Williams that Mychal Bell will be released tomorrow (he's part of the Jena 6), I'd like to put a video up...a song I listened to this morning on my way to work:

It's not a game anymore folks...please be aware that we are in a police state. I walked from lunch with a friend today to see police (being assholes I might add...I wonder if that's part of the job description) with AK-47's on Broadway and 45th...we asked why and they gave some smart ass answer...I have to remember that most of them are not educated, but you know, I try to not let that factor in my thoughts of a person.

Anyways, hoping you wore black today...I was an avid protester in college and I fully believe in standing for the rights of those whom have been silenced due to the politics of America. Stand up people...the time is now.

~NP/PG ;)